06 Operation TYPHOON, 1947

At a high-level conference in Washington, one of America’s best-known naval warriors says he has a plan to deal with the sea monsters. Can he deliver?

05 Evacuation, 1946

Facing a de facto blockade by sea monsters, the American presence on Hawaii becomes untenable.

04 The Wrong Tools for the Job, 1946

After President Truman insists that somebody do something about the sea monster problem, the Navy tries to do something about the sea monster problem. And Adm. Marc Mitscher and the Third Fleet learn some harsh truths in the process.

03 Panama, 1946

The Navy brass felt that the best thing to do with the sea monster problem was to try to sweep it under the rug. The creatures had other ideas, and it’s hard to sweep the wreckage of a major canal under a rug.

02 This Might Be a Problem, 1945

The US Navy has its first direct encounter with the sea creatures as Black Jack Kraken attacks a convoy and is driven off by the USS Dahlgren.

01 The Missing Ships, 1944-45

We begin our exploration of the US-Sea Monster Conflict with a look at the murky origins of the crisis, a rash of missing ships during the end of World War 2. Also, a short overview of the project.