211 Pirate Radio

Two fleets stare at each other across choppy waters. And a crab visits a pleasant fishing village in Iceland

208 The Washington View

Kennedy prepares to go public with his bullshit, to the disbelief of Colorado’s most colorful senator. But first: let’s talk about repelling sea monsters

207 Going Back In

Detachment 69 heads into the sea monster exclusion zone to plant some evidence. Also: a digression on ship names

206 Setup

It turns out that it takes a lot of work to get an international maritime cover-up rolling!

205 Cover-up

Robert Kennedy asks himself (and his advisors): what if I didn’t have to tell the public that there was a sea monster outbreak?

203 Blood in the Water

Delgado and the Fearless Freaks arrive in the waters off Iceland and ponder psychedelic literature, among other things

202 The Fearless Freaks

Unsure of what’s actually going on in the North Atlantic, Robert Kennedy has only one resource he can turn to for clarity: the shadowy detachment known (currently) as Detachment 69.

201 A Press Conference in Reykjavik

In May of 1987, a government minister in a minor country (sorry, Iceland, still love you) schedules a press conference and ruffles feathers in Washington.

20 Apocrypha, 2021

Every word I’ve said to you was 1000% true. But for the sake of argument…

15 Operation Mousetrap, 1949

The Trumble Group and Kay Hendry’s office hatch a simple plan for blowing up monsters. But will it blow up enough of them? And will it blow them up hard enough?

14 Dewey, 1949

As the nation reels from the combined disasters surrounding San Francisco, a new president takes office and sees both gloom and points of light within it. Also, Woody Guthrie writes a song.

13 Unthinkable, 1948

Once the sea creatures are in possession of San Francisco Bay, what do they want with it? CONTENT WARNING: THIS EPISODE INCLUDES AN ACT OF EXTREME SELF-HARM.

12 San Francisco, 1948

Harry Truman hoped for a decisive encounter with the sea creatures before the election. Then he got one.

11 The Incumbent, 1948

Is losing a war to sea monsters a good reelection campaign strategy? Also: enter Ernest Hemingway.

10 Secession, 1947

Dominoes continue to fall throughout the Pacific after it becomes the sea monsters’ private lake. Also, the Navy reorganizes some deck chairs and tries out some new accessories.

09 The Breakdown, 1947

After the confluence of disasters in February 1947, the American presence throughout the Pacific withers away, with catastrophic results. Can wealthy aviator Howard Hughes help?